Integrated Payment Technology for Software Firms.

Radiant 44 works with many tech softwares, ERP systems, mobile apps, and businesses customizing the right solution to exactly each partner’s payment processing needs.

  • Secure Merchant Processing (CC & ACH)

  • Frictionless and Instant, Auto-Onboarding of Merchants

  • Lucrative Revenue Share

  • Developer Portal with API’s, Docs, SDK’s and FAQ’S

  • Dedicated ISV Partnership Representative

  • Full Merchant Sales Team and Marketing Support to Onboard Clients

  • Strategic, Competitive and Flexible Pricing to Merchants

  • 24/7 Merchant Support

  • International Processing in over 100 Different Currencies

  • Strategic Alliances/ Referral Program (for non integrated solutions)

Radiant 44’s Partners range from Fortune 500 Companies to Start-ups.


Pre- Existing Processor Relationship.

Radiant 44’s partners attract more merchants with minimal work.

Many of our current partners had a prior payments relationship...

Either an outdated credit card/ACH merchant processor or a heavily marketed, generalized payment company like Stripe.

These prior payment relationships lacked in unforeseen ways and in costs (costs in personnel, time, revenue, and product development).

Ultimately it slowed company growth.…

Radiant 44 quickly solves these challenges with a modern, customized and lucrative payments partnership.

Add Radiant 44 as a Integrated Payment Partner Today. 

Start-ups / No Pre- Existing Payments Relationship.

Don’t get stuck with the wrong processing solution from the beginning.

Radiant 44’s integrated payment partnership implements payments with the proper technology, pricing, and support.

Avoid the pitfalls of payments with Radiant 44, so you don’t have to spend more resources to build into a new API in 6-12 months.

Contact Radiant 44 today for a top of the line payments partnership and integration.