Cash Advance & Business Loans


Small Business Loans

Less paperwork, no application fees, and a 48 hour decision.  Our flexible small business loan program is great for businesses looking for something better than a traditional loan! 


Fixed payments come out daily (so no monthly lump sum payments).

Financing is based on your gross sales and overall cash flow.

Not based on the value of collateral.

Merchant Cash Advances

Get cash in hand from the sale of a portion your future credit card sales.

No fixed monthly payments

Pay back your advance through a percentage of your daily credit card sales (meaning your cash flow isn’t impacted when you have a slow day).


Higher approval rates than banks.

No fixed payments.

No UCC-1 filed at the time of funding.

Use it for what you need- No business use restrictions on the funding.


Small Business Line of Credit

Excellent for the business owner who will have multiple needs for funds over a longer period of time. This line of credit program allows you access to a larger amount of funds, but you're only charged on funds you actually use. 


Only incur fees on the amount you draw.

Financing is based on overall cash flow.

Decision within 3 days!

Doesn’t show on a personal or business credit report.

SBA Bridge Loan

You are rewarded for early payoff.  If your SBA loan is taking too long, use our SBA bridge loan to help bridge the gap or satisfy requirements to get your traditional financing approved. 


Financing is based on overall cash flow.

Fixed payments come out daily (so no lump sum payments).

Fair and affordable repayment terms and fees.